'Matriarch' Elephant Canvas Art

'Matriarch' Elephant Canvas Art

Love Elephants? 🐘 Welcome to the Wild!

This stunning 'Matriarch' Elephant Canvas Art Set is bright, colorful and gorgeous.

The perfect art piece and essential for every lover of Elephants!

  • High Quality Inks produce a bright and colorful finish that will leave you breathless
  • Stunning 5 Piece Set that will looks awe inspiring wherever it's displayed
  • Beautiful landscape presentation immerses you into the scene
  • Durable Long Life canvas that's Water-Proof, Moisture-Proof and UV Resistant
  • Details

    Size 1 includes:

  • 7.87x19.6 inches (20x50cm) x 1
  • 7.87x15.7 inches (20x40cm) x 2
  • 7.87x9.84 inches (20x25cm) x 2

    Size 2 includes:

  • 11.81x31.4 inches (30x80cm) x 1
  • 11.81x23.6 inches (30x60cm) x 2
  • 11.81x15.7 inches (30x40cm) x 2

    Canvas Set will be rolled into a canvas tube and sent to your door. You will need to arrange framing.

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